The Acute Medical Unit

This unit has a primary role to provide rapid definitive assessment; investigation and treatment for patients admitted urgently or as an emergency from the Emergency Department; or referred by their GP. The AMU operates in close association with both the Emergency Department and admits patients 24/7. Patients stay on the AMU for up to 48 hours, during which time a management plan will have been instigated by the consultant-led acute care medical team.

Following treatment on the AMU, patients may be well enough to be discharged back into the community or, if requiring further inpatient specialist care, are transferred to the care of an appropriate specialty team or in one of the Trust’s other specialist hospitals.

The unit sees patients presenting with a range of acute medical problems, but common problems treated include: heart problems; respiratory conditions such as asthma and chest infection; gastrointestinal bleeding; drug and alcohol problems; and acute illness in the elderly.

If a patient needs to be admitted to hospital, their care will be taken over by one of the inpatient specialty teams in the Trust. The Unit is run by a team of skilled nurses and doctors, supported by the multidisciplinary team in a fast paced setting.

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The Ambulatory Integrated Assessment Unit (AIAU) is a patient focused service concerned with the diagnosis, management and treatment of both medical and surgical illnesses.

In our AIAU, we provide facilities to maximise treatment of emergency medical and surgical patients on the same day, without need for full admission. We accept direct referrals from GPs, the Emergency Department, and our sister hospitals- where appropriate within the Trust. The unit comprises of assessment bays and chairs, and clinic rooms, which allow for parallel clinics and treatments to take place in this versatile space.

Common presentations include: IV fluid replacement, outpatient IV antibiotics, and other therapies. This combined with our ambulatory service, allows us to liaise closely with our specialist colleagues in gastroenterology, endocrinology, diabetes, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, cardiology, as well as our Social Therapies and Rehabilitation team.

Patients will be seen by our team consisting of Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Consultants, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists and other MDT members, who will arrange for tests, such as x-rays and blood tests, so we can diagnose and either discharge the patient or arrange for them to be admitted or perhaps return for further tests.

As part of our team you will be supported to develop your skills and knowledge via an extensive preceptorship programme, working alongside your mentor and the directorate based practice educator.

  • The Cardiology  Unit is a progressive service, where team working and new ideas are actively encouraged. We are an integrated unit across two floors (ACU/HCU).
  • The Acute Cardiology unit (ACU) is a 15 bedded unit which incorporates four level 2 care (CCU) beds and eleven acute cardiology beds with the ability for remote monitoring (telemetry).
  • The Heart Care Unit (HCU) is a 16 bedded unit, which predominantly provides specialist care for our patients with Heart failure as well as a ‘step down’ area from ACU once the patient’s condition has stabilised. We have four day case beds where patients are admitted for elective procedures such as DC Cardioversions, PPMs, DSE, TOEs, Box Changes and Loop implants/explants.

We offer a rotational model throughout the areas which will give you the opportunity to develop skills in all areas of Cardiology and recognise that your development is important to you and also the quality of the care that we deliver to our patients.  Therefore you will be supported in your development and journey of lifelong learning, whether you are in your first post on qualification or whether you an experienced practitioner joining our team.

At Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust ‘Everyone Matters’ and our aim is to ensure patients experience the best possible care that is safe, effective, respectful and well-led. We recognise everyone’s contributions and are committed to upholding the trusts values and behaviours.

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