Equality & Diversity

At Tameside we believe that everyone should have equal access to employment opportunities and healthcare service. We are committed to improving staff and patients’ experiences here at the Trust, via the delivery of our Trust’s Values – ‘Everyone Matters’.

Here at the Trust we recognise and celebrate the diversity within the Hospital and our local community, whereby we hold local training and inclusion events.

Equality Diversity System (EDS)
We have implemented the EDS which is a national Equality, Diversity and Human Right performance system for the NHS. At the heart of the EDS is a set of 18 outcomes grouped into four goals. These outcomes focus on the issues of most concern to patients, carers, communities, NHS staff and Boards.

The four EDS goals are:

  1. Better health outcome for all
  2. Improved patient access and experience
  3. Empowered, engaged and included staff
  4. Inclusive leadership at all levels

Take a look at the overview of the EDS and the benefits of implementing this toolkit within the NHS.

At the Trust we monitor performance against the EDS toolkit, via the Equality and Diversity Implementation Group. This group meets on a monthly basis and consists of representation from department, teams and staff champions within the Trust.

If you would like to be involved and wish to obtain further information then please contact our Equality and Diversity Lead, Ahsheya Razzaq – ahsheya.razzaq@tgh.nhs.uk or via telephone 0161 922 6056