Working within the Dietetics Teams in Tameside and Glossop offers the opportunities of working in an acute setting, community setting as part of the specialist Diabetes team or within Paediatrics – a great place to start or further develop your career.

Our teams include dietitians and dietitian support workers. The Trust recognises the importance of nutrition in treatment and recovery and has invested in Dietetics so our teams are growing. We support learners across the North West during their clinical placements and are excited to have a Dietetic support worker on the apprenticeship programme as part of the “grow our own “initiative.

The Dietetic teams value diversity and the innovation this brings. We have a number of dietitians from South Asia and this has enhanced the discussions the teams have regarding further development especially within the acute dietetic service.


We assess and treat patients with a wide range of clinical conditions and support MDT working, linking with other dietitians and other Health Care Professions both within the Trust and across other specialist centres.  We also contribute to many Trust wide groups to ensure that Nutrition is always on the agenda and considered as an integral part of any patient’s healthcare experience.

We provide a service to many areas including:

  • Critical care Unit 
  • Home Enteral Feeding 
  • Gastroenterology 
  • Diabetes including diabetes education programmes
  • Patients with complex neurological conditions (Adults and Paediatrics) 
  • Cancer patients – linking with the wider MDT and tertiary services to support joint care 
  • Acute wards and the intermediate care unit to support patients through their whole journey

We are proud that we develop and embrace new ways of working. 

For example, 

    • NG Pod is a new fibre optic device to check the position of NG feeding tubes -we are the first hospital in Greater Manchester to trial and implement this onto wards. The vision and implementation was led by a Dietitian. 
    • We offer advice to patients on a low FODMAP diet and are engaging with patients on the best way to deliver this service
    • Work with medicines management to optimise appropriate nutritional prescribing

As Dietitians at Tameside and Glossop we support individuals across all ages and can improve health outcomes and quality of life for many patients. 

We offer a supportive, stimulating environment to help you develop within your role and offer Preceptorship / Continuous Professional Development and regular 1-1 meetings to help you to further your knowledge and experience and meet your career goals.

Interested in joining the team?