Speech and Language Therapists

Our Speech and Therapist service covers all of Tameside and Glossop and is for those over the age of 16 with difficulties with communication, swallowing, voice production, or stammering.


Our Speech and Language Therapists provide these services in a variety of settings depending on patient needs including in a hospital setting and in the community.

Our Speech and Language Therapists work with a range of complex conditions that come with different demands. Here are some of the services we cover:

  • Neurological impairments e.g. stroke
  • Degenerative conditions e.g.  dementia
  • Head, neck or throat cancer
  • Voice problems  
  • Stammering
  • Diagnostic swallowing assessments 
  • Support with using high and low tech communication aids

Here at Tameside & Glossop, we have also developed a neurological disorder pathway which is an often neglected area; we are the only NHS Trust in Greater Manchester to provide this pathway. As part of the team, you could have a real contribution to new research and recommendations to help us shape this service with the patient needs at the heart.

Interested in joining the team?