No day is the same for Physiotherapists here at Tameside & Glossop; our team takes a holistic approach to help their patients through injury, illness, or disability. Our physiotherapists work with a wide range of health conditions and within a wide range of services including stroke, neurology and rehabilitation. Every patient has different goals, and it’s our physiotherapists job to help them reach these. Our physiotherapy team embed evidence based practise, promote collaboration between the MTD, and look at quality improvement initiatives.


We are focused on delivering high quality care and a number of service developments ongoing including pilots to deliver digital rehab services and working towards accreditation in pulmonary rehab. Our AHP support workforce help us deliver our service and assist with the administration, and running of exercise classes and completion of assessments.

We work alongside many other professionals in a shared learning environment with incredible support systems and opportunities to grow. Best part of the role? Seeing patients progress over the weeks, seeing their confidence increase and helping people on their journey of recovery.

If you’re just starting your role as a Physiotherapist, we have a great preceptorship for new graduates to bridge the gap from university to fully qualified Physiotherapist. Through this, you will be guided through all aspects of the role and your expectations, ensuring you have the tools to deliver excellent patient-centred care and help patients reach their goals.

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