Our Orthoptist team here at Tameside and Glossop are experts in diagnosing and treating of eye movement disorders, how the eyes work together and visual impairments related to the way the eyes interact with the brain; meaning our Orthopist team can spot serious neurological conditions.

We see patients with a wide range of conditions affecting their vision. No two days are the same here at TGH and we get to see a wide range of patients from new born babies to elderly patients on the stroke ward. It is a highly rewarding career where we can see the impact of our actions, for example improving vision in children. 


We can specialise in stroke, a valuable service allowing us to provide additional information that can help patients and their carers with their rehabilitation. Our special needs service is unique and allows us to help the children that would otherwise struggle in hospital and community clinics. By providing this service we can provide information to tailor needs for the patients. This allows teachers and carers to adapt to the child’s needs. 

Being an Orthoptist at TGH is such a varied and rewarding role where you can directly monitor change and make a difference in a patient’s quality of life.

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